Vegan Pizza at Whole World Restaurant

This is the first Best of Columbus post in a series of many to focus on vegan pizza options in Columbus. If you have a favorite place for vegan pizza in Columbus, then don’t keep it a secret! Share it with us by commenting below. With that in mind . . . sometimes, a serious case of bad breath is totally worth it. That’s especially true when you’re ordering the fresh garlic on your custom Whole World pizza. Totally. Worth it.
Whole World Restaurant is a local landmark. They’ve been serving up vegetarian and vegan food in Columbus since 1978. Almost everything on the menu has a vegan option. All of the breads and crusts are vegan except for the croissants. During my visit, all 4 of the fresh housemade soups posted on the specials board were vegan.
The atmosphere is warm and friendly.
Dan, who owns the restaurant with his wife Kim, can be found helping out behind the counter on most days. I asked him about gluten-free bread. It turns out Whole World is one of the few places in Columbus where you can get a great tasting gluten-free sandwich. His wife Kim worked hard on crafting the perfect recipe and baking technique. Her efforts paid off with an excellent gluten-free sandwich bread.

I ordered the 9” pizza: white crust, tomato sauce, cheese, fresh spinach, banana peppers, alfalfa sprouts, and yes, fresh garlic. So good.

Each Whole World Pizza is made to order. Totally fresh!

This pizza is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the variety of combinations available.  Any of their vegetarian pizzas become vegan pizza when vegan cheese is substituted.
The restaurant is also a bakery with a large selection of cookies and dessert bars. As a self-described lemonista, I went with the staff suggestion for dessert: The Lemon Bar. Now, I’m pretty sure that only true lovers of lemon make the lemon bar choice. We like that mouth-puckering zing. The Whole World lemon bar does not disappoint. It is the perfect balance between tart and sweet. Leave the overly sweet box made version for the kids. Plus, this lemon bar is huge—could be a meal in itself. Worth considering.
Before heading out, I contemplated ordering each of the soups for freezing at home. But, then I remembered . . . it will not be long before I’m back.
See you there!

Whole World Natural Restaurant and Bakery

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