Good Cake in Columbus

Cake in Columbus

There’s nothing that says, “I could care less” better than bad cake. Cake is supposed to be the highlight of an event—a reward or celebration. Sometimes, the best part of a wedding is the cake. If you’re gonna ruin your 2-day streak of healthy eating by eating a slice of cake with your co-workers at the monthly birthday blowout, then it had better be worth it.

Or, you just might feel cheated.

So, here’s what you do:    

get good cake.

You can get great cake at one of the GoldenDelight Bakery locations on the northeast or northwest side of Columbus. They have made it easy for you to win friends and influence people with their famous Fresh Strawberry Cake.

‘Fresh’ is the keyword for this cake. The cake is a light, golden cake with a whipped cream frosting. It is layered and topped with fresh strawberries. There are no syrupy-squishy strawberries in this cake. You can feel good about getting a healthy serving of fruit. But, who am I kidding? It’s just gooooood.

Here’s the kicker: Golden Delight Bakery sells this wonderful cake by the slice. Of course, you can get it in a variety of whole cake sizes (tempting) but why wait for a birthday?

If you are the cake buyer for any event, then you are in a fortunate position because you have power and influence. Get good cake. You’ll be rewarded with an elevated reputation for thoughtfulness and good sense.

The next time your tempted with a square of cake featuring glossy-

gritty purple icing, just politely say ‘no’ and mumble something about increasing your fresh fruit intake. Stop by Golden Delight Bakery at your next opportunity.

Refuse to eat bad cake.

Golden Delight Bakery has 2 locations in Columbus.

246 Lincoln Circle

Gahanna, OH 43230

Business Hours:



Closed Monday

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