Columbus Skateparks

Columbus Skateparks

Ever notice that your favorite skatepark is close to a donut shop? Or do they put the donut shop close to the skatepark just because of you and the locals? I’m not saying there’s a connection, I’m just saying.

If you live in central Ohio, where do you go to turn your sketchy into smooth? When your tricktionary is all diamondz where are the best of Columbus skateparks to show how sick you are?

Here’s a list of skateparks (with map links) divided by North Columbus, Central Columbus, and East Columbus.

North Columbus Skateparks

Going from West to East, here are four skateparks where you can do a session and you don’t have to pay with more than the skin you leave behind.

Coffman Park is where the mayor of Dublin skates (psych) because it is right at Emerald Parkway and Post Road. This is a great location and the skatepark has a clover shaped bowl (cuz it’s Dublin dude!) with different sized leaves.

Go a little East and more North and you’ll find yourself in Powell. There is a skatepark at 47 Hall Street, next to the donut shop (you know it). This skatepark is the in-ground pool variety with a shallow and a deep end. Good for practicing your aerials.

Not all Columbus skateparks are easy to find. You can find a nearly hidden skatepark by taking 23 South from 270 and going West on Wilson Bridge Road. Turn right at the last right hand turn before you cross the Olentangy River and you’ll find some tennis courts. And there is a skatepark next to the Olentangy Trail which is right next to the river. Look for it. It’s concrete, maybe a little small, but this is a nice location.

On the East side of 71, take Park Meadow Road north from Shrock and you’ll find a newish skatepark on the left. This is a skatepark where you can practice your street work. The concrete is smooth and there is a bowl too.

Central Columbus Skateparks

Take Goodale Blvd. East from Grandview Avenue and check out the parking lot of the municipal pool. If you’re there in the right season, you’re in for a Columbus Skatepark treat in Grandview Heights. No bowl or halfpipe but you can get your trixercise in here.

On the West bank of the Scioto River (take Rich St. East from 315, go South at the first opportunity) you’ll find Dodge Park and Recreation Center. Behind the Rec. Center, across from the pool, you’ll find a little gem of a skatepark. This has quarter pipes so you can get into some aerial work here.

Down in Bexley, at the Jeffery Mansion Park at Clifton and North Parkview Avenue, there is a skatepark. This park is not as impressive as others on this list.

East Columbus Skateparks

The BASE at Shull Park in Gahanna behind  Rick’s Coaches Sports Barhas had a rough summer with flooding and equipment repair. When it is open, it’s a decent set of ramps and quarter and half pipes.

Take 270 to the Main St. exit in Reynoldsburg. Follow Main St. East until you get to Kennedy Park, 7232 East Main Street. The Skatepark is just north of Main Street, near the tennis courts. This skatepark has been improved significantly in the last couple of years, just like many others in this list. Come try this gem by Blacklick Creek.
The Randy Hughes Skatepark is by the Pickerington City Hall. Take 256 South from 70 and stay on it when it becomes Columbus Street. Just south of City Hall, find Covered Bridge Lane and you are there. This is a great outdoor skatepark.

If you’ve got a little bit of green between you and the dudes you hang with, then rent a session at The Flow, which you’ll find at 4252 Groves Road.  Sessions at  The Flow are a good value-only $14 or less depending on specials – and members only pay $7.  They have over 40,000 sq. ft. of street and park style ramps and have been named one of the best parks in the U.S. by numerous trade mags as well as Fuel TV.

Keep the wheelside down!


4 Responses to “Columbus Skateparks”

  1. Great article! I skateboarded for 15 years before I finally “grew up.” It is an incredibly fun sport… especially skating concrete parks – but it can be really hard on the body.

  2. Neil Hamrick says:

    The Westerville skatepark (pictured) is by far my favorite. Best concrete and a good crowd of people. There are also a couple DIY spots around town if you know the right people.

    • Emily Journey says:

      Thanks, Neil. I’m thinking you might be one of the right people. 🙂
      Share your inside info on the DIY spots with the rest of us!

  3. Jackie Bailey says:

    I take my boys to the skate parks they tell me what they like from what they have told me and what i can see from the parks.
    Powell skate park is nice. They also like the skate naked indoor park.. Delaware is ok.. and westerville is nice as well. They been to the flow. They said it is ok..