Get Lost in the Book Loft

The Book Loft is not your average book shop: it has thirty-two rooms with thousands of books from the ceiling to the floor. That’s not a typo—32 rooms. Located in the charming German Village area, the shop is reminiscent of an earlier time as you walk down the brick paths to the entrance. You might imagine the streets of  a scene straight out of a Dickens novel. That would be no wonder because the Book Loft is at home in pre-Civil War buildings formerly known as general stores, a saloon, and a nickelodeon cinema. The two levels of the store weave a maze and bring new meaning to the idea of getting lost in books. It’s almost as fun to find the book you’re looking for as it is to read it!

There are brand new bargain books for a wide variety of interests and ages. You can easily lose yourself in browsing the different rooms. Plus, they’re open really late–until 11pm during the week and even later on weekends.

Book Loft German VillageHere’s a tip: If this is your first visit, then pick up one of the provided maps to navigate their way through the maze. You will also hear different music floating through the shop depending upon which room you’re in.

If wall posters are your thing, then you’ll especially enjoy the rooms entirely dedicated posters. Even if you’re not a book person, you will be fascinated with this place and be able to find something interesting. And, if you are a book lover, you’ll have a hard time leaving!

The Book Loft is located just south of Downtown Columbus in historic German Village.

631 South 3rd Street

Columbus, OH 43206
 Click here for a map.

You can contact the Loft at: (614) 464-1774

Store Hours:

10am – 11pm (Even later on weekends!)

Seven Days a Week!

Here are some coupons!

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One Response to “Get Lost in the Book Loft”

  1. Nate says:

    Great article, I spent a lot of my young life in The Loft looking for interesting books. Thanks for reminding me!