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Learn WordPress Web Design In Columbus

Learn WordPress web design quickly and manage your own website with confidence! Join Columbus business owners, artists, and nonprofit volunteers who have invested in WordPress training for their businesses. Discover exactly what you need to know to get started and go further to achieve your website goals. Instructor Emily Journey is a Columbus entrepreneur and WordPress expert who believes you really can build and manage your own business website–with a little help.

Perhaps you already have a business WordPress website and you want to update it yourself without paying a web developer whenever you want to make changes. A few hours of WordPress training for a member of your staff can be a wise investment.

Knowledge of code is NOT required.

Read testimonials and see pricing for WordPress Training

During training, you’ll get detailed blueprints, templates, and step-by-step instructions to successfully launch your fully functioning website. You will learn:

  • The building blocks of every WordPress website
  • WordPress settings & menus
  • How to customize your website and make it look great!
  • How to add photos, graphics, and video to your website
  • How to create contact forms and build a mailing list
  • How to add a shopping cart to your website

WordPress is the popular web design platform used by novices as well as fortune 500 companies.

Prerequisites: None, really. But, it helps if you have a working knowledge of email, navigating the internet, utilizing search engines, and comfort with uploading/downloading files on your own computer.

Training is available in person face-to-face or online with screen sharing through GoToMeeting.

Read testimonials and see examples of student work at https://emilyjourney.com. Share this article with business owners who need website improvement help.


Best Auto Detailing Services In Columbus, Ohio

We spend a lot of time in our vehicles – from the commute to work, to weekend getaways to family vacations. And while we’re driving, we accidentally splatter coffee, spill food, and track in mud from dirty shoes. We get to our destination and forget about the things we’ve left behind: the baby bottle of milk, the sweaty running shoes or the handful of crayons our preschooler tossed in the cup holder on a 95 degree day.

Over time, the dirt, odor and stains becomes more than our shop vacs, elbow grease and diluted car-cleaning supplies can handle. Whether we’re ready to sell our vehicles or just want to give our cars a good scrubbing, we sometimes need the help of an auto detailing service to give our means of transport the treatment it deserves.

Best of Columbus has researched the area to find the best solution to our car and auto detailing needs. And that solution is … read more


Best Pet Portraits in Columbus

Pet Portrait Sculpture

We cover our walls with photos of family, and Columbus pet owners may want to enhance that photo collage by adding something very special – dog portraits, cat portraits or even pet memorials.

Whether it’s a dog, a cat, a rabbit or a hamster, most pet owners would agree that our four-legged friends bring a special kind joy and light to our lives. Always there to guard and protect, loving us unconditionally, and genuinely happy to see us each day, a pet adds a dimension to our family that can’t be filled by anything else.

As we share our lives with our pets, we want to preserve our memories. And what better way to accomplish this than with … read more


Best of Columbus Local Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect gift for that special someone can be challenging, and sometimes a bouquet of flowers or a thoughtful coffee mug just doesn’t do the trick.
If you’re like other Columbus shoppers, you’re looking for local gifts in Columbus that are original, handcrafted, and affordable. You’d like to support local business owners, who put a tremendous amount of time and effort growing their business and the local community. Most of all, you want to show that you took the time to find something for that special person that portrays your appreciation and gratitude for them.
Best of Columbus has researched the area’s small businesses looking … read more


Best movie deals in Columbus, Ohio

columbus ohio movie deals

The information below is accurate as of 4/20/2014

Deals on Columbus movies starting before noon

All AMC locations $4.00 tickets on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays

Carriage Place Cinemark $1.25 tickets DAILY first matinee showtimes

All Day Columbus movie theater specials


Drexel East and Drexel Grandview ($5.00 tickets)


Drexel Gateway and Arena Grand ($5.00 tickets)

Carriage Place Cinemark ($1.25)


Studio 35 ($4.00 tickets)

Late night Columbus movie specials


Midnight movies at Drexel Gateway ($5.00 tickets)

Just outside of Columbus

Pickerington Marcus Cinema

All day Tuesdays ($5.00 tickets)

Do you know of other ongoing movie specials in Columbus? Let us know by commenting below.



Got a favorite place in Columbus, Ohio? Write a guest post for Best of Columbus.

You have your favorite people and places in Columbus, Ohio. Don’t keep them a secret! Share your thoughts and photos of your favorite places to eat, buy, and just meetup in C-bus.

You can even submit a video post or an interview with a small business owner.

Writing a guest post for Best of Columbus is a great way to support small business in our town. You can even show off your own special events, classes, and recipes.

Yes, I said recipes. 😉

All you hafta do is contact us with your post/review idea and you’ll get the information you need to get it published.

Go Bucks!



My Two Cents: Cancel Barnes and Noble Membership

Seriously, if you don’t already, then start patronizing local independent bookstores.

I cancelled my Barnes and Noble membership account years ago and yet my checking account STILL gets charged every year. I just about lost it when I looked at my checking account today and saw that $25 charge from BN NY. Again.

… read more